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1 a rural area where farming is practiced [syn: farming area]
2 arable land that is worked by plowing and sowing and raising crops [syn: cultivated land, plowland, ploughland, tilled land, tillage, tilth]

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From farm+land, hence land on which to farm.


  • /ˈfɑ:mlænd/
  • American: /ˈfɑ:rmlænd/


  1. Land which is suitable for farming and agricultural production.


land which is suitable for farming and agricultural production


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agricultural region, arable land, barnyard, barton, black belt, cattle ranch, chicken farm, citrus belt, collective farm, corn belt, cotton belt, cotton plantation, countryside, croft, dairy farm, demesne, demesne farm, dry farm, dude ranch, dust bowl, factory farm, fallow, farm, farm belt, farm country, farmery, farmhold, farmplace, farmstead, farmyard, fruit belt, fruit farm, fur farm, grain farm, grange, grass roots, grassland, grazing region, hacienda, highlands, homecroft, homefarm, homestead, kibbutz, kolkhoz, location, lowlands, mains, manor farm, meadows and pastures, moors, orchard, pasture, pen, plains, plantation, poultry farm, prairies, province, provinces, ranch, rancheria, rancho, rural district, rustic region, sheep farm, station, steading, steppes, stock farm, the country, the soil, the sticks, tobacco belt, toft, truck farm, uplands, veld, wheat belt, wide-open spaces, woodland, woods and fields, yokeldom
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